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Urban Herbs Windowsill Garden Starter Kit Project

Packaging series and branding project for a windowsill herb garden starter kit. The brand and its logo were developed for a hypothetical company striving to bring gardening to the green-thumbed urban dweller through a user-friendly herb garden starter kit. The concept is that each planter would be a found, recycled, one-of-a-kind piece, hand-picked to add both a unique and eco-friendly aspect to the set. A series of four watercolor patterns were created and applied to the glove box, the three seed variety packages and the backs of each tag in the playful, stacked, three-part tag designs attached to each product. Watercolor washes were used on the potting soil bag to add a pop of color and tie the series together. The backside of the largest tag on each item includes easy step-by-step instructions for the use of each component of the set in the creation of an herb garden. Twine was used to string the tags together and secure them to each product. 

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