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Chroma Vogue Exhibition Promotion & Merchandise

A self-led project creating promotional posters, rack cards and merchandise for a gallery exhibition illustrating the role of color in the fashion industry, both in garment designs and fashion editorials, and the progression in color usage and trends over time. Research was conducted prior to designing to examine trends in imagery, model photography, layouts, typography and color palettes in fashion editorials. These findings were referenced for inspiration throughout the creation of imagery and design layouts. A set of watercolor and ink illustrations was created, scanned and edited for use across all designs. Two posters were created in Photoshop using these illustrations, typography, gradients and blending modes to layer the different elements and add cohesiveness to the designs. A set of double-sided rack cards were developed using imagery from the posters and additional copy to provide an introduction to the exhibition and information regarding the location, dates and entrance fees for the show. A pair of two-run silkscreen print designs were created as an iteration of the poster designs and were hand-printed onto t-shirts and tote bags. Two different button designs were also created and produced by hand for visitors of the gallery to take during the exhibition.


This project was installed and shown in the AIGA Design Showcase

in Gallery 7, Madison, WI in Spring 2019.   

Illustrations were created using watercolor and ink.

Poster designs and screen printing files were created in Photoshop

Rack Card and button designs were created using InDesign.

Traditional silkscreen printing techniques were used to create apparel. 

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